Cybercrime Squad warns of banking email scam

Date: 13 March 2017
Location: Australia


The NSW Police Force Cybercrime Squad is warning the community about emails that purport to be from financial institutions.

The emails claim to have a message for the recipient, which is accessible via a link.

The link contains malware, and is designed to steal personal information.

Anyone who receives such an email is advised not to click the link, but instead to delete the email immediately.

Warning signs:

  • You receive an email, text, or phone call claiming to be from a bank, asking you to update your details.

  • The email or text does not address you by your proper name, and may contain typing errors or grammatical mistakes.

  • The website address does not look like the address you usually use, or requests details you aren't normally asked for.

  • You notice new icons on your computer, or your computer is not as fast as it normally is.

Protect yourself:

  • Don't click on links or attachments from emails claiming to be from your bank.

  • Do an internet search to check for references to a scam. Use names or exact wording from the email.

  • Look for the secure symbol. Secure websites should use https, rather than http.

  • Never provide your personal details if you receive a call claiming to be from your bank.