Store full of 'stolen' jewellery raided by police

Police have uncovered an entire store of allegedly stolen jewellery in Perth.

Victims of theft are being encouraged to find photographs of their stolen jewellery, as police attempt to return the items to their rightful owners.

One man was charged with several offences after police executed a search warrant at the premises.

Police have asked anyone who believes their jewellery may be in the store to look at photos on the WA Police Facebook page.

If you see any of your items, call Perth Detectives on 9422 7556.

Alternatively, email and include your WA Drivers Licence number and full name, proof of ownership (as attachments), a contact number, and photo reference number from Facebook (e.g. ".1.").

To arrange a viewing of an item, you will need proof of ownership, for example, pictures, a police report number, or insurance details.