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???? CryptoGrab Best Drainer on the market right ???? Drains Native coin, NFT, Tokens
????CryptoGrab Top Crypto Affiliate???? 3 types Drainer & Phishing Seed & Exchange and more…

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????About Us

Description of the main functionality of the script
Supported networks: Ethereum, BNB SmartChain, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Fantom, Optimism (possible extension on request)
* Supported Assets: Native Coins, Tokens and NFT
* Additional functions: notifications about user actions on the site and payments in Telegram
* The most flexible script configuration is available for your convenience
* Native coin withdrawal method: Sign / Transfer / Smart Contract
* Token withdrawal method: Sign / Transfer / Approve / Permit / Permit v2 / Uniswap Multicall / Pancake Multicall / Sushiswap / QuickSwap
* NFT withdrawal method: Sign / Transfer / SetApprovalForAll / SeaPort 1.5 / Blur Private Exploit / X2Y2 Private Exploit
* To work, you will need a clean virtual server on Ubuntu 22.04 without any pre-installed web servers, panels like ISPmanager and FastPanel and any other software that would occupy ports 80 and 443, and there should not be any websites on the server
* Extended opt-out in Telegram: in addition to the basic requests, there is also a request to connect a wallet, refuse to connect a wallet, request to change a network, refuse to change a network, successfully change a network, request to withdraw an asset, refuse to withdraw an asset
* The best option at the moment: the most advanced features and the best technical support, 100% of the profits are yours, no deductions
* Types of contracts included: Claim, Claim Reward, Security Update, Swap, Connect, Execute, Multicall
* Available trust contract format: 0x000…0000 — maximum user trust
* Available estimators for work: DeBank Pro API, Zapper API, OpenSea API, Ankr API
* You can buy the script in Telegram, write: 
* Important note: if you want to purchase a script or ask for some details, write immediately with a note and an indication of this topic. Messages without an indication of the purpose of the appeal have a 99.9% chance of being ignored. Let’s save each other’s time.
* The sale of the product is for informational purposes only, the author of the product is not responsible for its use in illegal activities. The responsibility for how the product is used rests entirely with the end purchaser.

# Advantages over other scripts

* The script is absolutely clean and does not cause a red box on your site
* Unlike other scripts, a huge number of wallets are supported
* High-quality technical support and adequate attitude towards customers
* Free installation of the script on your website and drainer after purchase
* A detailed user manual for the script you purchased
* An anti-thief system that will allow you to receive money from sites stolen by competitors
* Uses several robust and proven APIs that you can switch between
* The script does not reveal your Telegram account, since all the integration is hidden deep in the server
* All traffic between the client and the server is securely encrypted so that it is not spied on
* The script can be installed on any hosting, as you only need to install JS
* The backend is written in Node JS, so it can be run on any operating system
* The availability of tokens is checked several times, which increases the chance of debiting
* The script is not blocked by antivirus programs and browsers, which is very nice
* Sale from the developer, ready to answer all questions, even the most stupid ones
* Literally everything can be configured: any network, any asset, any priority — whatever you want
* And most importantly: the best price that matches the current configuration and quality — do not overpay for air and promises of big profits, pay as much as this or that product really costs. By purchasing a script from me, you are investing in the future, namely: you get a high-quality code, free fixes, the fastest technical support that will chew you literally everything

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