Brett Maston

Address: WA, Australia
Age: 56
Sex: Male


Date: 1996-01-09
Charges: 4 counts - armed robbery, 10 counts - car theft
Category: Burglary/Theft/Robbery
Court: West Australian Supreme Court
Judge: Judge Neville Owen

Maston and his gang escaped with more than $150,000 from four carefully planned raids on Perth banks between April and June 1995.

Maston and an accomplice, wearing balaclavas, burst into the banks armed with shotguns and automatic weapons and demanded money while a third man waited outside in a stolen getaway car.

Terrified bank staff were ordered to lie on the floor as the bandits rifled through the tellers' cash drawers.

Maston used his $20,000 share from the first bank
robbery on April 13, 1995 to take a three-week holiday in Queensland with his girlfriend, Christine Evagora.

Maston was arrested on June 8 just as he was preparing to rob another bank.

He escaped on August 12 from Fremantle Hospital after Evagora helped him break out using a loaded sawn-off shotgun to force prison guards to remove his handcuffs.

The couple were arrested in December, 1995.

Maston pleaded guilty to all charges.


During 1995 Australia's most wanted man.

Warrants for Maston's arrest were issued in March and April 2010 after he failed to appear in Perth Magistrate's Court on charges of unlawful possession of guns, ammunition and more than $90,000 cash. The charges stem from a police operation in 2008.

Philippines police arrested Maston on 13th April 2012 in his home in Muntinlupa City in the Philippines where he had been hiding out for some years.