Glenn Hollow

Address: Victoria, Australia
Age: 46
Sex: Male


Date: 27 March 2013
Charges: Manslaughter
Category: Manslaughter
Court: Supreme Court of Victoria
Judge: Justice Forrest
Penalty: 10 years imprisonment, Eligible for parole

Glenn Hollow pleaded guilty to the charge of manslaughter of Laurence Grey. Hollow admitted to striking some blows and being complicit in other force applied to Grey. The offense occurred on 20 August 2011.

On 22 April 2011, Grey’s body was found in the patio area of his house. He was lying face down and had suffered extensive head injuries, apparently inflicted with a metal post-hole shovel, which was placed nearby. There was also a black nylon strap which formed a ligature around Grey’s neck. Grey suffered multiples skull fractures, bleeding around the brain, abrasions and lacerations to the scalp and face. An autopsy revealed probable below skin neck bruising and petechial hemorrhages on the left lower eyelid. Both head and neck injuries were sufficient to cause death.

In the afternoon of 20 August 2011, Hollow and Lucas travelled in separate vehicles to Grey’s house. Lucas and Grey used heroin. Grey supplemented his income by trafficking in cannabis. Lucas stated in his evidence that he purchased some marijuana from Grey. Grey showed Hollow and Lucas vehicles he was in the process of restoring. Hollow and Lucas left Grey’s house in separate vehicles. Hollow stole a quantity of cash and marijuana from Grey. When police arrested Hollow on 23 August 2011 they seized 235 grams of cannabis, also stolen from Grey. Hollow remained mute in an interview with the police. Justice Forrest said that Hollow will be eligible for parole after serving 7 years and 3 months.