Laurie Edward John O'Shea

Address: SA, Australia
Sex: Male


Date: 25 March 2012
Charges: Sex charges x13
Category: Paedophilia Sex Offence
Court: Court of Criminal Appeal
Judge: Judge Vanstone
Penalty: Appeal denied, 2 years' imprisonment

Serial paedophile Laurie Edward John O'Shea's bid to appeal his two-year-sentence for 13 sexual charges was denied.

In the Court of Criminal Appeal on 25 March 2012, Justice Ann Vanstone denied O'Shea permission to appeal his sentence or present fresh evidence.

George Mancini, for O'Shea, argued the "harshness" of his client's harassment in prison should have led to a suspended sentence.

He said O'Shea, who has spent much of the past two decades in prison for his serial offending, had been assaulted and harassed while behind bars.

O'Shea's offending, which included counts of indecent assault and buggery, occurred at Camp Sunshine between 1975 and 1977. The camp was established by O'Shea and his wife.

"In my view he was fortunate in the sentence he was given," Justice Vanstone said.