Ivan Robert Marko Milat

Address: NSW, Australia
Age: 77
Sex: Male
Occupation: Road Worker


Date: 2000-03-05
Charges: Murder
Category: Murder
Penalty: Life in prison

In 1996 Ivan Robert Marko Milat was convicted of the death of seven young backpackers in a New South Wales state forest.

The mutilated bodies of his victims were found in the Belanglo state forest, in the NSW southern highlands.

After a long and drawn out trial Milat was found guilty on seven charges of murder and Justice Hunt sentenced him to prison " for the term of his natural life".

Milat is regarded by many to be the most chilling of all serial killers, partly because his killing spree was so calculated and his method of execution so gruesome.

Investiagators built a strong case against Milat following the discovering of damning evidence against him. This included the sleeping bags of two of the victims at a house frequented by Milat. A head band belonging to another victim was also found along with fire arms and ammunition consistent with the weapons used in the killings.

The most damning evidence however came in the form of Paul Onions, a British backpacker who lived to tell of his attack by Milat. Mr Onions identified Milat as the person who attempted to kill him.

After his arrest Milat sacked his lawyer after he told Milat he should plead guilty. This was the same lawyer that got Milat off a rape charge in 1971.

Milat has always professed his innocence in the face of the overwhelming evidence against him.

Milat was involved in an attempted escape from prison a few months after his incarceration, resulting in him being transferred to a high security prison in rural New South Wales.


Convicted for life for the abduction, sexual assault and murder of seven back-packers in New South Wales.