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A typical criminal record looks like this:




Robin Greenburg

 Address: Perth, WA, Australia
Age: 67
Sex: Female
Occupation: Businesswoman
Ethnic background: Caucasian



 Date: 1992-09-10
Charges: 49 counts of using her postion improperly to misappropriate money, two counts of destruction of records, 2 counts of theft, 1 count of arson.
Category: Arson/Burglary/Theft/Robbery/Fraud/Conspiracy/Corruption
Court: West Australian District Court
Judge: Judge Robert Viol
Penalty: 17 years imprisonment, reduced to 14 years on appeal

Greenburg was the chief of the Western Women Group, a Perth based investment group that attracted female investors from around Western Australia. Many of these investors were referred directly by Government organisations.

In 1991, the group collapsed owing millions to investors who were not to see their money again. Greenburg pleaded guilty to a variety of charges stemming from the affair, in which she had stolen $4 million from the group and used it to support her lavish lifestyle. 

The Western Australia College of Advanced Education Students` Guild was Greenburg`s first major source of money. In 1989, Western Women entered into an agreement with the Guild to invest money on behalf of the Guild. Greenburg`s stepson was the Guild`s treasurer.

**The Guild gave Greenburg almost $1.6 million to invest. Most of that money was siphoned off into Greenburg`s personal account.**

Another group of women that were stung by Greenburg were those that were divorced, widowed or separated. Many of these women had never before had to take care of their personal finances.

The walls began to close in on Greenburg in early 1991 when the auditor of Guild became suspicious. While completing an audit for the financial year the auditor knew the Guild had invested large sums of money with Western Women, but couldn`t find any receipts or security documents to confirm this.

In February 1991 the Australian Securities Commission appointed a receiver to investigate Western Women. Diana Newman was appointed and ordered Greenburg`s group to hand over their records.

Within days of Ms Newman`s appointment, Greenburg a loyal employee set out to destroy Western Women`s documents.

The pair drove to the outskirts of Perth where they started a fire in a rubbish bin and fed large quantities of company records into the flames.

Unfortunately, the fire spread from the bin and started a full-scale bushfire. On the drive back to Perth Greenburg tore up documents and threw them out the car window.

Four bags of documents thrown into the Swan River were found the following morning washed up on a river bank. More documents were later found buried under a mound of fertiliser in Greenburg`s back garden.

Some of the funds Greenburg stole was spent on private travel ($80,000), housekeeping ($20,000), pharmacy bills ($17,000) and dental bills ($14,000). She also spent big dollars on antiques and jewellery.

Greenburg was declared bankrupt in 1992 with personal debts of $2.5 million and, whilst in prison, her bankruptcy was extended to 10 years after she failed to cooperate with the bankruptcy trustee. She had been declared bankrupt twice before under different names.

On January 31, 1999, Greenburg was released from prison on parole. However this did not alter her bankruptcy, which she will be locked into until 2002.









Greenburg, a high profile West Australian businesswoman, was behind the infamous Western Women`s affair. The Western Women Group collapsed in 1991 owing millions to Perth investors. Many were women who had been referred to the group by a Government-run Woman`s Information and Referral Exchange. 

A year after the collapse Greenburg pleaded guilty to stealing more than $4 million from investors which she used to support a lavish lifestyle.

**Greenburg made headlines in May 2001 when it was reported she was a guest at WA`s Bandyup Women`s Prison to attend a suprise birthday party for serial killer Catherine Birnie.**

**Greenburg would have been eligible to attend as a special visitor, sanctioned by the prison`s superintendent.**