Eglena Diaz DeLeon

Date: 26/11/2001
Location: United States


On Friday night, September 18, 1992, fifteen year old Eglena Diaz DeLeon and a girlfriend went to the annual Diez Y Seis Festival in Seguin, Texas. The girls arrived at the Festival and met up with two male friends.

The girls split from the boys at the St. Andrews Episcopal Church bell tower located just a few blocks from the Festival. Between 11:00pm and 11:15pm, Eglena DeLeon went back to the Church bell tower to see if the boys were still there, however, she never found them.

While at the bell tower,Eglena was attacked by an unknown person. The young girl was later found on the St. Andrews Episcopal Church grounds under a bush. She had been beaten, choked and stabbed and had died as a result of these injuries.

Earlier in the night an unknown Latin male was observed "hanging around" the teens apparently "making eyes" at Eglena. He is described as a Latin male, 22 - 25 years of age, 5`6" - 5`8", 150 lbs., stocky build, light complexion, with black hair, short/shaved on the sides and worn in a ponytail pulled high in the back and carrying a wallet attached to a chain.

Maureen Watson, a detective with the Seguin Police Department Criminal Investigations Division, told CrimeNet: "We are anxious to get any further information, so we are thrilled that you are interested. Eglena was a lovely girl and her murder shocked this city."

Reward information

The Secret Witness Committee of Guadalupe County will pay a reward of $1,000.00 for information concerning the murder of Eglena Diaz DeLeon. Motorola officials are also offering a $5,000.00 reward to help solve this crime.