Jeffery Ola - Murdered

Date: 6/1/2002
Location: , United States


January 6, 2002 was a very difficult day for Georgie King to cope with. It marked one year since she tragically lost her son Jeffery Ola. It was one year since she heard her son’s last words. Georgie is desperate to bring the killer or killers of her loving son to justice.

Jeffery was talking to his mother on his cell phone as he pulled his Ford Explorer into the driveway of his house in Centerville, Tennessee when he was cut down by nine bullets from a 9mm handgun. He was murdered at about 10pm after he arrived home from a fast food restaurant.

Police believe the first bullet was fired through Jeffery’s car window from long distance, with eight shots being fired from point blank range. It appears his killer or killers were waiting to ambush the 35-year-old father of two.

“I will never forget his final words to me,” Georgie told CrimeNet in late December. “ I will never forget the fear in his voice as he yelled ‘Oh God! I have been shot. Oh God, mother! I am being shot!’. His cell phone then went silent. My son was dead.”

“As the date of his death comes around, the pain I carry is almost unbearable. I continually replay that night in my head – the pain of it almost kills me. I cannot get the sound of fear in his voice out of my mind.”

A website dedicated to Jeffery tells how he was a top-notch mechanic before wanting to branch out into a field where he could help other people. He passed his exams to become a paramedic with flying colours.

He loved his new job, but not as much as his two children, Crissy and Cody. The children were from a former relationship. He remarried, but a few years into the marriage things began to sour. In October 2000 they separated with Jeffery’s wife filing for divorce shortly afterwards. However this was later put on hold.

Jeffery’s wife, Lisa, and an unnamed white male have been named as suspects in the case, but at this stage no charges have been laid.

Jeffery’s brother, Gary Ola, a police officer in Tennessee, said he believed the motive for his brother’s murder was money.

“Jeff had life insurance and policies totally about $100,000, which his wife would have stood to inherit,” Gary Ola said.

“Shortly after Jeffery’s burial she packed up and in the middle of the night moved to Nebraska,” Georgie King said. “She has only been back once, and that was for money from the estate. She has refused to talk to law enforcement officials here in Tennessee and has also refused to take a lie detector.”

Chief Rodger Livingood of the Centerville Police Department said they have suspects, but so far they do not have enough evidence to file charges against anyone.

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Reward information

The Ola family are offering a $7000 reward for information about the murder of Jeffery.