Amy Derewitz

Date: 2000/5/30
Location: , United States


22-year-old Amy Derewitz was last seen on Sunday, June 3, 2001 at the corner of Detroit and Colgate Streets Dearborn Heights, Michigan. The police are treating this as a homicide.

Amy Derewitz was last at her ex-boyfriends house.She told her mother she was going over to do a mail exchange and that would be the last time she would have to see him. She was wearing a grey shirt and redish boxer shorts with a pair of slippers. Amy had recently moved back home with her mother but did not live far from where her and her ex-boyfriend were buying a house together.

The ex-boyfriend`s new girlfriend was there and a confrontation occurred between Amy and her ex-boyfriend. Amy`s ex-boyfriend told his new girlfriend to leave. As the girlfriend was leaving she observed Amy laying on the basement floor gasping for breath; but did not take any action to help.

Amy`s vehicle was located 7 blocks from her home on June 7, 2001. That is about half way between Amy`s Mother`s house and the house she was buying with her ex-boyfriend.

The girlfriend is co-operating with the Law Enforcement and has taken a Lie Detector test and passed stating the information told above is true. The boyfriend was scheduled to take one but failed to show up, hiring an Attorney instead. The boyfriend claims Amy and the girlfriend was there, but not at the same time.

Reward information

Amy`s family is offering a $5000.00 Reward for any information leading to the direct where abouts of Amy.