Susana (Susan) Margaret Bobridge

Date: 14/4/2002
Location: Australia


At about 10.10pm on Thursday, 9 January 1997, it is believed that Susana (Susan) Margaret Bobridge was shot in the Tennyson sand hills. Her body was located the following morning by a jogger running through the area.

Ms Bobridge was last seen alive at about 9.30pm on the night of her murder. At that time she was on Port Road about 150 metres from the Port Road/South Road intersection. At that location she was seen to get into a white sedan, of which the only occupant of the car was a male driver.

It is known that Ms Bobridge normally worked as a prostitute from Port Road, flagging down cars as if she was hitch hiking. She would get in the car and offer her services. It is thought she was working in this manner when last seen alive.

Reward information

“Notice is hereby given that a reward of up to One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000) will be paid by the Government of South Australia, at the discretion of the Commissioner of Police, to any person or persons who give information leading to the apprehe