Jane Thurgood-Dove: Shot dead in her Melbourne driveway as her children watch

Date: 06/11/1997
Location: , Australia


On November 6, 1997 Jane Thurgood-Dove was shot dead in the driveway of her Muriel Street, Niddrie, Melbourne, home in front of her children Scott, 11, Ashley, 6, and Holly, 4.

The killing of Mrs Thurgood-Dove, 34, is one of Victoria`s most baffling murder mysteries.

A stocky gunman (pictured) chased Mrs Thurgood-Dove around the family`s four-wheel drive as her children looked on.She tripped and fell and was shot dead with a large calibre pistol.

The masked gunman ran to a Holden Commodore, stolen from Carlton days earlier, and was driven away at high speed.The burnt-out wreck of the vehicle was found in nearby Farrell St.

Scott gave his account of how his mother was gunned down:"He chased her around the car and then I just saw her fall to the ground then all this smoke came up.Then he got in the car and drove off...there was another man in the car."

Det. Sen-Sgt Ron Iddles of the homicide squad said a man matching the gunman`s description had been seen regularly in Union Road, Ascot Vale, Melbourne, before the murder.

There were indications that the man was armed with a handgun just two days before the Oaks Day slaying.

But, police are still struggling to find a motive.

The Victorian Police have offered a pardon for the driver of the vehicle transporting the killer.

``We are really appealing to the driver of the car to come forward and tell us what they know about this,`` Det-Insp. Brian Rix, of the homicide squad said``It is a quantum leap to go from stealing a car to being implicated in a murder, particularly a murder as horrendous as this one.

``Just think of the circumstances surrounding it. There is a mother who has been viciously slain in front of her children. It is a terrible crime.``

Mrs Thurgood Dove`s father, John Magill said: ``To take a life is odious in itself. And the person who murdered Jane I see as a faceless, craven coward.

``And to the driver I would just like to say this: It is now time to give up this information that`s required and to allow my family to get some respite from the on-going grief.``

Reward information

**In June of 2003 the Victorian Government announced a $1 million reward for for information leading to a conviction in the murder of Mrs Thurgood-Dove.**