Gerard Ross: 11 year-old West Australian boy kidnapped and murdered

Date: 2000/02/13
Location: , Australia


11-year-old Gerard Ross was taken from the street in the southern Perth suburb of Rockingham on October 14, 1997. His body was found dumped 15 days later on a pine plantation in Karnup.

Gerard was holidaying with his family in the seaside suburb, when he was abducted while rollerblading to the local shops.

The unsolved crime shocked the State but devastated Gerard`s home town of Newman, in the far north-west of the state. His killer or killers are still at large, despite repeated calls from the police major crime investigations unit for help from the public.

Police were interested in several people during their investigations, but as yet no arrests have been made, although police say they have not ruled these people out of the inquiry.

Reward information

$100,000 for information leading to a conviction