Rodney Miller and Gary Silk: Slayed Victorian policemen**UPDATE** - MAN ARRESTED**

Date: 2000/02/28
Location: , Australia


Numerous taskforces have failed to uncover the killers of two Victorian police officers,Sen.Constable Rodney Miller( pictured) and Sgt.Gary Silk.

The officers were part of Operation Hamada to catch two armed robbers, who targeted over 40 Melbourne restaurants since 1992.

On August 16 1998, at approximately 12:30am following a stakeout at the Silky Emperor Restaurant, the officers intercepted a small car on Cochranes Road, in suburban Moorabbin. It is believed that the driver and perhaps a passenger opened fire on the officers.

Sgt.Gary Silk was killed instantly from a shot to the head at point blank range with a large-calibre pistol. Sen.Constable Miller made it back to the restaurant to alert police, but died shortly after arriving in hospital.

Dept-Insp.Paul Sheridan of the Lorimer Taskforce said, " They( the police) were desperate to find the driver of a medium sized vehicle travelling north". This driver had been pulled over by mistake at 11.20pm on August 16 1998 and may hold information vital to the investigation.


**In July 2000 Victorian police arrested 47-year-old Bandali Michael Debs over killings of Sgt Silk and Sen.Const.Miller.**

**Victorian Chief Commissioner Neil Comrie said the arrests were a defining point in the history of the Victorian police.**

**"This is a day we have been waiting for, for two year," Mr Comrie said.**

Reward information

A $500,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the conviction of those responsible.