Date: 7 June 2014
Name: James Dalamangas
Location: Australia

Personal information

Dalamangas is believed to be working as a bouncer in the red-light district of Athens.

Dalamangas is described as a white male with black hair and brown eyes.

Crime description

Dalamangas fled Australia using a false passport in the days following his second alleged killing - Bankstown father-of-two George Giannopolous who was stabbed in the kitchen of the Pariziana nightclub while trying to separate two fighting patrons in 1999.

Dalamangas is also a suspect in the 1997 murder of part-time bouncer and concreter Tim Voukelatos, who was shot five times in his car at Campsie. 

Reward information

A $200,000 reward is being offered by Crimestoppers.