Bill Mason: 1998 death of Darwin man still a mystery

Date: 1998/03/00
Location: , Australia


In 1998 the badly decomposed body of 71-year-old Northern Territorian man Bill Mason was found in a shallow grave behind a Humpty Doo shop.

Det Sgt Lade said an autopsy on the body proved inconclusive because of the bad decomposition and consequently no cause of death has been determined.

The body was found hunched on its side with one knee exposed and was believed to have been in the shallow grave for about a month.

Police have not confirmed Mr Mason was murdered but say its a baffling case as he obviously didn't bury himself.

Reports that Mr Mason was in possession a large sum of money before his death have not been confirmed.

Reward information

The Northern Territory Government has posted a $50,000 reward for information which leads to an arrest and conviction over the suspected murder.