USA: 5-year-old Brittany Locklear abducted and murdered

Date: 6/1/1998
Location: , United States


**The abduction and murder of pretty 5-year-old Brittany Locklear in North Carolina in January 1998, remains unsolved despite the intensive investigation undertaken by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, the Hoke County Sheriff`s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.**

Brittany was abducted on the morning of January 7, 1998 as she was waiting for a school bus to pick her up from her home in Hoke County. An extensive search by a combination of local, state and federal law enforcement officers found Brittany’s body the following day. Her small body was found in a drainage ditch near a farm, about 5 kilometres from where she had been abducted.

After carefully reviewing the information received and re-interviewing the witnesses, investigators believe that the offender was driving a full size pickup truck of unknown colour. Physical evidence from both the abduction site and the body recovery site was sent for processing.

Much of that physical evidence is in the possession of the specially formed task force. However, investigators believe that there are individuals who have information of value that would assist the investigation, yet for unknown reasons have not yet come forward.

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) is making an appeal to those persons, in the belief someone may have the missing piece to the puzzle.

North Carolina Governor Hunt, the SBI, Hoke County and the general public have combined to post a $US20,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction.

The SBI Task Force remains committed to the investigation and confident that the case will be solved.

Reward information

A $US20,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to the conviction of Brittany`s killer.