USA:$50,000 reward offered in the Thomas Howard Devine murder case

Date: 1994/9/17
Location: , United States


**During the evening of May 9, 1994, Thomas Howard Devine was killed from two gun shots to the back of his head in his office at Marine services in Chula Vista, California.**

Mr. Devine had stayed late at work that evening to complete some of his current responsibilities, something that was not uncommon for him to do. All of the employees left around 3:30 p.m. Mr. Devine was last seen shortly afterwards purchasing cigarettes at a local business.

Mr Devine’s sister, Marilyn Bann, continues to push for information regarding the murder of her brother.

From her home in Arizona, Mrs Bann told CrimeNet: “At first glance the detectives felt this was a robbery/homicide because my brother kept a few thousand dollars in silver dollars at the business, but at this point, it is everyone`s belief, including the police, that my brother`s murder was not due to a robbery, as very little was taken from his office.”

It is believed the killer or killers left the building by the front door which opens directly onto Anita Street. There is an apartment building directly across the street, a home west of the business, and a mobile home park just down the street to the west

Police believe someone may have seen something that night that may help further the investigation into Mr. Devine`s death and implore them to come forward, even if the information seems trivial.

With the assistance of Jane Alexander from Citizens Against Homicide, Mrs Bann was able to get a $50,000 reward posted by the Governor of California for information leading to an arrest.

Mrs Bann said the tragic death of her brother has left her feeling empty.

"The person that killed Tom didn`t stop there.Their action tore our family apart. My only other sibling, Chuck, died eighteen months after Tom was killed by a massive attack, brought on by the trauma of the murder," Mrs Bann said.

"My family as I knew it has gone forever. It is extremely hard to live with the knowledge that Tom is gone and the individual that took his life has been able to continue living their life with no accountabilty for their action."

Reward information

A $50,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest.